The Luna Wave Story – Luna Wave Accessories

In Mythology Luna is one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess.  

Luna Wave is a curated accessories boutique inspired by travel and exotic, beautiful destinations all over the world. It’s a shopping destination that celebrates a free-spirited, bohemian way of life and embraces the gypsy spirit. The products you will find on Luna Wave are a mix of unique, globally sourced accessories. Luna Wave's pieces combine bohemian, ethnic and modern elements, and together they create the perfect mix of style that can take you anywhere in the world and offer a wonderful sense of escape. 

Krystal Patience is the founder and creator of Luna wave.  Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, growing up on the small island meant beach Sundays were more like beach every-days. That Caribbean life created a love for beautiful beach destinations around the world and an effortless, bohemian approach to life.

Now living in Skagen, Denmark meant that Krystal's colourful style had to be refined in order to be cohesive with the Scandinavian style. All of the pieces on Luna Wave are chosen with a Caribbean eye and Scandinavian refinement where beach lovers can find the pieces that would take them to these unique destinations, even in the depths of winterWhether you want to be transported to Tobago, Barbados or Koh Phangnan, you can find something on Luna Wave that will take you there. Krystal is constantly scouring the globe for new pieces that fit with the Luna Wave lifestyle.   

"I have always been drawn to the moon. Every time I see it in the corner of my eye I am drawn to look at it, stare at it, talk to it.  Its strength is so powerful, so warming, so clean. I feel a wave of calm come over me, and with that calm I manifested the idea of this store, Luna Wave."

"Luna Wave was created out of my sheer love of accessories from around the world and not being able to find them all in one store. We have all seen those amazing pictures of wrap bracelets on Instagram from America, and viewed the heartfelt creations of many designers on Etsy from Indonesia. We want to be that girl, have that bag, and those earrings."   

Luna Wave has you beautifully covered in every way.